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The Solar Pool Heating System

Ever wonder how much a solar pool heater costs, but not ready to contact a
contractor? We understand! A ballpark for a solar pool heater can range from $3,000 to $6,000 for an installation in Florida. That’s still a wide price range, and you should probably expect to spend somewhere in the middle of it if you have an average pool with a standard roof. The price may be lower if you have a small pool and may be higher if you have a large pool.

Factors that effect the price of your solar pool heating system:

  • The size of your pool surface area.
  • Roof Orientation
  • PVC Plumbing
  • How the system will be controlled, Manually, tying into existing pool
    automation, or installed with solar automation
  • Other factors like working conditions, steep roofs, roof type, etc.

You can see why there is a wide range of prices for solar pool heaters. It’s a
system that ties into your existing pool equipment and we designed it custom
to your pool. The only way to get an accurate price on a system is to have one
of our team members to complete a site visit. We can also do a virtual
estimate with some basic information from you and using aerial imagery of
your pool and roof, but ultimately, we do need to complete a site visit to
confirm measurements.
If you still have questions about how much a solar pool heater costs, contact
us today!